FORMULA 1 ( on 1 & 2 sep 2017)


                                       RC Car Workshop provides you the enthralling opportunity to get practical knowledge of actual Car and its designing procedure. You get hands-on experience in installing different component of car and learn down the complete working of car. The designing principles of Car are studied during our RC Car workshops at different parts of India.    

                                      It is a two-day workshop which mainly focuses from Basics to Advanced concepts in Automobile Engineering. It brings you face to face with the IC Engine technology while providing you valuable hands-on experience for building your own remote-controlled nitro car under the guidance of renowned professionals.


1. Basics of Automobile 

    What is an automobile? 

          • Design of chassis   

          • Suspension unit 

          • Steering system 

          • Transmission system

          • Braking Unit

          •  IC engine

2.Vehicle Dynamics

           • Geometric aspects of automobile 

           • Aerodynamic aspects of vehicle 

           • Aspects of vehicles related to 

           •   Motion • Mass and its distribution 

           • Detailed Study of IC Engine and importance of different parts.

           • Different types of RC cars and its components along with methods for fabrication.

           • Introduction to latest technology 

           • Detailed explanation on working of component 

           • Hands-On session (for individual groups).

           • Live demonstration of the internal engine mechanisms 

           • RC Car Test Run Session  • Driving session. 

           • Maintenance procedure for RC Nitro cars. 

           • Detailed Session on controlling RC cars on track. 

           • Essential Checks to be done pre- and post- running RC car.


          • Complete study of automobile engineering. 

           • Detailed study of IC Engine. 

           • Study of RC Car components and its working procedure. 

           • RC car assembly and driving tips.

           • RC nitro engine tuning procedure and maintenance.


           • Hands on Sessions by experts. 

           • Toolkit will be given in a group of 5-6 students. 

           • Each Participant will get Certificate of participation.


Government college of Engineering and Research Awasari (kd) Pune.


        ₹ 1000 /- per participant.

Flat 20% off for registrations  on  or before 30 August......

DATE   :  on 1 st and 2 nd September